Saturday, October 15, 2011

Taiping Raptor Festival

Why celebrate the return of the raptors ?

During the autumn months beginning from late September, thousands of raptors including hawks, buzzards and bazas, can be seen passing over Taiping, on their southbound migration to Indonesia where they will spend the winter months. Not many people in Taiping are aware that this spectacular show is being played out over the town every year. To raise awareness of this wonder of nature, the Malaysian Nature Society (MNS) has organized the inaugural Taiping Raptor Festival 2011. All activities are free of charge.

Come join the celebration

  • Attend talk on Raptors of Malaysia at Taiping Zoo seminar room.
  • Go birdwatching with MNS members.
  • Witness the amazing phenomenon of hundreds of raptors passing overhead at Scott’s Hill, Taiping Villa.
  • Learn about raptors and why they migrate at our exhibition.
  • Have fun at our children’s activity booth and take home the handicrafts you make for free.
  • Go shopping at the MNS booth and stand a chance to win prizes.