Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Happy Chinese New Year

Again a long lapse.

Suppose to be blogging about our trip to Yunnan but I have got so many photos to share and tales to tell and not enough time to do it. So as a stop gap measure I am posting two of our photos from the trip to greet all who happen by and are celebrating the Chinese new Year.

Black-necked Cranes, Grus nigricollis, taken in Zhongdian (now renamed Shangrila), Yunnan. This crane was our target bird and we hit jackpot in Napa Lake where we were practically surrounded by them. We now are the proud owners of a collection of hundreds of Black-necked Crane photos - standing, displaying, flying, landing, taking off, etc.,etc.

Brown-breasted Bulbul, Pcynonotus xanthorrhous. We were looking for this bird in Doi Angkang, Thailand some years ago and only saw two birds. In Yunnan it was the most often seen bulbul. This picture is shot in a tiny public garden in Dali Old Town.

Happy holidays to all.